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The Law Group Limited are making headlines

This small company has already managed to get in the National Papers

If you haven't already then check out our recent coverage in both the Daily Mail and The Telegraph - links below.

7th September 2020 Original source - TLGL

Don’t wait, do it now!

Sean was 55 when he died, leaving behind his partner Clare and two children

26th July 2020 Original source - The Telegraph

When is a Will not enough?

The Law Group Limited will help you get your affairs in order

Foresight is, of course, better than hindsight. Susie and Peter had two children, aged 12 and 14, when, sadly, Susie became terminally ill. It was something neither of them had planned for..

11th July 2020 Original source - The Daily Mail

Coronavirus: Doctors urge 'difficult conversations' about death

People should talk to loved ones about their wishes if they were to become critically ill with coronavirus, a palliative care expert has said.

Specialists in care for the terminally ill urged people to have "difficult conversations" about potential treatment and wishes after death.

31st March 2020 Original source - BBC News